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As a leader in the mental health housing industry, we offer many professional solutions to owners of congregate housing facilities and industry professionals alike. Contact for a custom solution to your organization’s housing needs.

Housing Solutions

Are you stressed and overwhelmed with managing your congregate housing facility? Need our help? We offer three ways to troubleshoot and optimize the system within your current organization.
  • Consultation: has the solutions to most problems that housing organizations face. From matters concerning building department and fire department compliance, food service solutions to efficient operations in a world of shrinking budgets, SupportiveLiving can build a custom consultation package for your organization to keep you operating efficiently and profitable.
  • Collaboration: Small housing operators often need help. They find themselves “too big to be small but too small to be big” and often times do not have the resources to hire and bring on costly departments to their operation. will collaborate with your business or organization, taking on some of the heavy lifting at a fraction of the cost. From receivables management to compliance within your home, we handle it all, giving your business the edge it needs to compete.
  • Purchase: Owners of congregate housing facilities and housing providers who are looking to sell their business, contact Why go through the stress of a long sale process on the open market? We offer commission-free, fast closings and fair market value for your care home.

Modern Health Care Solutions GBC Program

Empowering Your Health, Elevating Your Life!

Are you facing financial challenges that make accessing quality healthcare and essential medications and supplies like diapers or personal care needs seem impossible? Look no further! Modern Health Care Solutions is here to provide you with the support and assistance you need.

Our Low Income Medical and Pharmacy Assistance Program is specifically designed to help individuals living on ODSP, OW, and low-income seniors with limited transportation in the community. We understand the difficulties you face, and our mission is to alleviate the burdens of high housing costs, soaring food prices, and ongoing government cutbacks.

At Modern Health Care Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves access to vital healthcare services, regardless of their financial circumstances. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of services to improve your well-being and enhance your quality of life.

✨ Here's what the Give Back to the Community (GBC) program includes:

  • Access to a Family Doctor: We connect you with experienced, compassionate family doctors who will provide personalized care and address your medical needs with utmost dedication.
  • Housing Assistance: We understand the importance of a safe and stable home. Our program offers resources and guidance to help you find affordable housing solutions that fit your budget.
  • Medication Management: Our expert team of professionals will assist you in managing your medications effectively. We'll help you understand your prescriptions, ensure timely refills, explore cost-saving options, and FREE delivery.

By participating in our Give Back to the Community (GBC) program, you're not just taking care of your health—you're also contributing to the well-being of others in need. The more patients we can assist, the greater impact we can make in our community.

Spread the word and help us make a difference in the lives of those who need it most! Share Modern Health Care Solutions with your friends, family, and neighbors. Together, we can ease financial burdens and reduce the stress surrounding everyday healthcare.

Join us at Modern Health Care Solutions and experience compassionate support, tailored services, and a brighter future for your health.

Contact us today at 905-714-9517 EXT: 9 to enroll in our program and embark on a journey towards improved well-being. Remember, at Modern Health Care Solutions, your health is our priority!